You know your community is urban when…

The third in this satirical series.

  • Walking or bicycling to places is not considered weird.
  • Comic book superheroes are constantly buzzing about doing good deeds.



  • You have to look up to see the top of buildings.
  • Wildlife is spending your time hopping bars.
  • Dandelions are considered nature.
  • Squirrels and groundhogs are despised just as much as in the suburbs.
  • Pigeon poop is considered an artistic expression on statues.
  • Some remnants of architectural style still exist.
  • A big box is not a retailer.
  • Gridiron is not a football field, it’s a street pattern.
  • Streets and alleys have echoes.
  • Your community is named “Keith” (think about it).



  • There is actually a “there” there.
  • Potholes are considered a form of traffic calming.
  • Musicians write songs about it…”Bakersfield is the place to be…”
  • Manhattan is not first thought of as a drink.
  • The sidewalks are generally not being rolled up at night.
  • You can’t walk three feet without being filmed by a security camera.
  • There are lots of nicknames (both good and bad) for your community.
  • There are as many helicopters in the air as airplanes.
  • UPS and Fedex delivery trucks are allowed to double-park and screw up traffic flow.
  • Transportation occurs in layers – below ground, at ground level, and elevated.
  • Pizza is delivered by drone (this is true in the UK).
  • It is actually really cool to see the lights when flying over at night.
  • There are plenty of outfitters.



  • Density and public transit are not dirty words.
  • Enormous alligators are running amok in the sewers.
  • Jack Webb (or Joe Friday) tells you that you are there: “This is the city…”
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