The loveliest commuter railway of all



I will grant that I have not ridden every commuter railway line on the planet, but one would find it hard to find a one any lovelier than the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) line that extends 17 miles from Dublin’s Connolly Station to the Town of Greystones in County Wicklow. During our week-long Ireland adventure, Kathy and I had the pleasure of riding this route and then hiking the Greystones-Bray Cliff Walk Trail located several hundred feet above the railway. In three words: “it’s breathtakingly gorgeous!”

Source: wicklowcommunity

Map of County Wicklow – Source:

Darting (bad pun) in and out of tunnels as the line passes Bray Head, the tracks literally hug County Wicklow’s rocky coastline. While technically part of Iarnrod Eireann’s (Irish Rail’s) Dublin to Rosslare Europort (Wexford area) intercity railway line, the DART “green” commuter line is part of an engineering marvel and an amazing journey from dense urban core, to tidal basins, to suburban chic, to dramatic seaside cliffs. One can only say, WOW!

Below are a few of our photos taken of the lovely Bray Head segment of this railway route that skirts the very edge of the Irish Sea. One can only dream of seeing and soaking in such amazing natural beauty each day on their way to and from work. Wouldn’t that be a grand way to start and finish the workday? I sure think so!


Note the cliff walk etched into the mountainside above the tunnel.

Railway tunnels along the Irish Sea from the Greystones-Bray Cliff Walk Trail

View from the cliff walk, which is visible several hundred feet above the railway.


Looking down at a passing train from the cliff walk.


Another view from the cliff walk.


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11 thoughts on “The loveliest commuter railway of all

  1. Cheryl McDonald says:

    You forgot pictures of the Irish Sea closer to Dublin! Took the line up to Howth, which has the prettiest little garden literally at the end of the tracks .

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