Great seaports from space – North America’s Pacific Coast

Here are some great satellite images from Honolulu, Hawaii; Long Beach, California; Los Angeles, California; Mazatlan, Mexico, Oakland California; Tacoma, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy!

Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, HA - Source:

Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, HA – Source:

Long Beach, CA - Source:

Long Beach, CA – Source:

Los Angeles, CA - Source:

Los Angeles, CA – Source:

Mazatlan, Mexico - Source:

Mazatlan, Mexico – Source:

Oakland, CA - Source:

Oakland, CA – Source: unknown

Tacoma, WA - Source:

Tacoma, WA – Source:

Vancouver, BC - Source:

Vancouver, BC – Source:

Graceful Danish bicycle bridges

Canal Bridges in Copenhagen - Source:

Canal Bridges in Copenhagen – Source:

Above and below are both photographs and/or artist’s renderings of some of the graceful and stylish bicycle bridges that can be found in Denmark. While these bridges may not have the dynamic boldness of those posted previously from the Netherlands, they are sleek, artistic, handsome, and functional in their own right. Particularly likable is the way these bridges fit aesthetically into their surroundings without being overpowering. Enjoy!

Brygge Bridge in Copenhagen - Source:

Brygge Bridge in Copenhagen – Source:


Inderhavns (retractable) Bridge in Copenhagen – Source:

Abuen Bridge in copenhagen - Source:

Abuen Bridge in Copenhagen – Source:


Cable-stayed bridge under development in Odense – Source:


Woven Bridge in Copenhagen – Source


A cut above – Detroit’s Dequindre Cut



For those out there that think Detroit’s a lost cause, the magnificent Dequindre Cut Greenway is an example of why you are wrong. Constructed along an abandoned below-grade rail corridor, the 1.35 mile greenway links some of Detroit’s coolest features – including the scenic 2.5 mile long RiverWalk, the vibrant Eastern Market, and the trendy Villages. Combine those with a world-class greenway for cyclists and pedestrians and some seriously hip graffiti artwork and you have the recipe for a Midwestern version of New York City’s High Line or Atlanta’s Belt Line.



Kudos to all those individuals and organizations involved in making the Dequindre Cut a post-industrial success story that truly is “a cut above” most other nonmotorized trails.





Great seaports from space – Oceania

Adelaide, Australia - Source:

Adelaide, Australia – Source:

Auckland, New Zealand -

Auckland, New Zealand –

Hobart, Tasmania - Source:

Hobart, Tasmania – Source:

Melbourne, Australia - Source:

Melbourne, Australia – Source:

Sydney, Australia - Source:

Sydney, Australia – Source:

Wellington, New Zealand - Source:

Wellington, New Zealand – Source:

PortMiami Tunnel to open in May



The twin-tube 4,200 foot long PortMiami Tunnel is scheduled to open to traffic in May of 2014. Under construction since 2010, the $1 billion public-private partnership project will extend Interstate 395 under the Government Cut shipping channel separating Watson Island and Dodge Island thus linking the Port of Miami (a.k.a. PortMiami) with the city’s mainland highway network.



The highway tunnel is designed to provide a continuous fixed link (rather than a drawbridge) which allows port related traffic, including heavy truck traffic and cruise-related traffic, to avoid clogging downtown Miami streets. In 2013, Miami saw more than four million passengers pass through its cruise ship terminals, which makes it the busiest cruise port in the world.




Eleven planning lessons from Boston/Cambridge

Dowtown Boston

Downtown Boston from Cambridge

I had the opportunity to visit Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts in mid-March. Here is a list of eleven planning-related lessons I took away from visiting these two dynamic cities.

  • Preserve, protect and celebrate your community’s history.
  • A varied blend of historic structures and new edifices is visually intoxicating.
  • Savor and build upon the benefits derived from being home to institutions of higher education.
  • Cultural diversity and inclusiveness makes a community much more vibrant.
  • Accessible mass transit and bike sharing systems are wonderful things.
  • Denser urban development can be softened by rich and varied public spaces.
  • The removal of an ugly freeway can reawaken once forlorn areas.
  • The heart of the city can be a great place to raise a family.
  • Pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and cars can successfully and safely coexist.
  • A thriving city requires thriving neighborhoods – you cannot have one without the other.
  • A compact and walkable urban core is far more preferable to a sprawling mess.

Great seaports from space – South Asia


Jawaharla Nehru Port, India – Source: Google-Cnes/pot Image, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye


Karachi, Pakistan – Source:


Mumbai, India – Source:


Great seaports from space – Africa

Alexandria, Egypt - Source:

Alexandria, Egypt – Source:

Some of the most spectacular images yet come from the great seaports of Africa. In particular, the marvelous black and white satellite shot of Dakar, Senegal resembles the angry mouth of a sea monster ready to devour its prey. Along with Dakar are included are Alexandria, Egypt (above); Algiers, Algeria; Casablanca, Morocco; and Durban, South Africa. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I do!

Algiers, Algeria - Source:

Algiers, Algeria – Source:

Casablanca, Morocco - Source:

Casablanca, Morocco – Source:

Dakar, Senegal - Source:

A stunning black and white image of Dakar, Senegal – Source:

Durban, South Africa -  Source:

Durban, South Africa – Source:


Great seaports from space – Middle East

Below are five great seaports of the Middle East – Abu Dhabi, UAE; Haifa, Israel; Izmir, Turkey; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Port Said/Fuad, Egypt.

Abu, Dhabi, UAE - Source:

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Source:

Haifa, Israel - Source:

Haifa, Israel – Source:

Izmir, Turkey - Source:

Izmir, Turkey – Source:

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Source:

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Source:

Port Said/Fuad, Egypt - Source:

Port Said/Fuad, Egypt – Source:

Great seaports from space – Southern Europe

For part two of this series, here are satellite images of seven great seaports of Southern Europe – Barcelona, Spain; Cadiz, Spain; Constanta, Romania; Genoa, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Marseilles, France; and Piraeus, Greece. The harbours almost resemble jagged teeth of a saw blade ripping into the adjacent waters (or alternatively into the urban form) and often stand in stark contrast to the orderly design of the city’s street grid – particularly evident in the images of Barcelona and Piraeus.

Barcelona, Spain - Source:

A magnificent view of Barcelona, Spain – Source:

Cadiz, Spain - Source:

Cadiz, Spain – Source:

Constanta, Romania -Source:

Constanta, Romania – Source:

Genoa, Italy - Source:

Genoa, Italy – Source:

Istanbul, Turkey - Source:

Istanbul, Turkey – Source:

Marseilles, France - Source:

Marseilles, France – Source:

Piraeus (Athens), Greece - Source:

Piraeus (Athens), Greece – Source: