Fun Friday: Absurd to zany places, part 1

The list of places provided below includes funny, absurd, weird, wacky, and zany names from all over the United States and Canada. The only state not represented is Hawaii (could not translate the places from Hawaiian). Some fun/sarcastic commentary is also provided. Hope everyone enjoys the list; there are many more yet to come in future editions of Fun Friday.


Smut Eye, Alabama – that’ll teach y’all for reading dirty magazines between NCAA Football Championships.

Sourdough, Alaska

Tuba City, Arizona

Gin City, Arkansas

Thermal, California

Paradox, Colorado – probably named for two doctors – think about it. : )

Honeypot, Connecticut – Winnie the Pooh’s new hometown.

Pepper, Delaware – is there a doctor there?

Pirate Harbor, Florida

Ivy Log, Georgia

Atomic City, Idaho – where everyone has a radiant personality.

Bone Gap, Illinois

Gnaw Bone, Indiana – probably why there is a gap in the bone in Illinois.

Mediapolis, Iowa and you thought the networks were based in New York City.

Gross, Kansas the chamber of commerce has a lot of work ahead of it to overcome this name.

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky sorry, I prefer hash browns.

Happy Jack, Louisiana well, at least one person is happy there.

Coburn Gore, Maine

Scientists Cliffs, Maryland where they publish Cliff Notes for physics, chemistry, and biology.

West Chop, Massachusetts

Hell, Michigan it’s frozen over right now.

Cosmos, Minnesota

Tie Plant, Mississippi

Fairdealing, Missouri show me!

Lame Deer, Montana “Lame Name” would have been funnier.

Republican City, Nebraska hey, where’s Progressive Acres, Democratown, and Tea Party Pooperville?

Searchlight, Nevada actually, this is a rather appropriate name in Nevada.

Suncook, New Hampshire didn’t know it got so hot there.

Loveladies, New Jersey

Elephant Butte, New Mexico this one cracks me up (pun intended).

Neversink, New York second choice for the name of the Titanic.

Old Trap, North Carolina

Cannon Ball, North Dakota

Pyro, Ohio some how this name seems appropriate for “Thee State of Ohio” and it’s not too far from Torch.

Boggy Depot, Oklahoma

Fossil, Oregon

Good Intent, Pennsylvania

Common Fence Point, Rhode Island

Ashepoo, South Carolina where Winnie the Pooh used to live.

Cactus Flat, South Dakota

Bugscuffle, Tennessee what we do when mosquitoes and black flies are swirling around our head.

Old Dime Box, Texas

Mexican Hat, Utah might have been easier to just name it Sombrero.

Checkerberry, Vermont

Modest Town, Virginia gee whiz, how conceited can you get?

Humptulips, Washington tempting, but no comment.

Left Hand, West Virginia wonder if they know what the right hand is doing?

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

Jay Em, Wyoming


Medicine Hat, Alberta this is actually a very nice city that I visited in 2005 (largest place of all on the list).

Spuzzum, British Columbia

Overflowing River, Manitoba can’t say they did not warn you.

Five Fingers, New Brunswick

Heart’s Content, Newfoundland and Labrador

Old Barns, Nova Scotia

Morehead Finch, Ontario sounds like a place right out of an English novel.

Skinners Pond, Prince Edward Island

Alcove, Quebec

Eyebrow, Saskatchewan


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