Tuesday Tunes: List of wintry band names

With so many of us enduring winter’s harshness, I thought a list of band names based on or loosely related to winter would be appropriate. Please feel free to submit other band names that I may have missed or overlooked. Enjoy!

A Foot in Goldwater (Canada) added 4/10/20

Antartica (USA)

Arctic (Canada)

Arctic Monkeys (UK)

A Tundra (USA)

Black Ice (USA)

Blizzard (USA)

Celtic Frost (Switzerland)

Cold (USA)

Cold Chisel (Australia) added 4/10/20

Coldplay (UK)

Cold War Kids (USA)

Coldwater Canyon (USA) added 4/10/20

Cool Boys and the Frontmen (Australia) added 4/10/20

Dirty Mitten Funk Bank (USA)

Edgar Winter Group (USA)

Eskimo Joe (Australia) added 4/10/20

Frost (USA) (Australia)

Frostbite (USA)

Frozen (USA)

Frozen Ghost (Canada)

Iceberg (USA)

Merryweather (Canada)

Northern Lights (Canada)

Numb (Canada)

On the Tundra (USA)

Polar (Spain)

Ruby Frost (New Zealand) added 4/10/20

Shiver (USA)

Sleigh Bells (USA) added 4/10/20

Snowblink (Canada) added 4/10/20

Snowbound (USA)

Snowbusiness Giants (Canada)

Snowdrift (USA)

Snowflake (Indonesia)

Snow Patrol (UK)

Test Icicles (UK)

The Alpine (Denmark)

The Blizzards (Ireland)

The Chills (New Zealand) added 4/10/20

The Deep Freeze (USA)

The Deep Freeze Mice (UK)

The Drifters (USA)

The Hidden Mitten (USA)

The ICE Band (UK)

The Mittens (USA)

The Pink Snowflakes (USA)

The Shiver (Italy)

Tundra (UK)

Twiggy Frostbite (UK)

WindchILL (USA)

Winter Equinox (Canada)

Winter Gloves (Canada)

Winter Rose (Canada)

Wintersleep (Canada)


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