Plugging into a brighter future


Ford Focus EV c/o

Kudos to U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D – Michigan) for proposing a real incentive for purchasing plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). Instead of a $7,500 tax credit as is currently the case, the new incentive would be an actual $7,500 rebate.

This proposed legislation will make electric cars and trucks much more affordable to the average citizen. Sounds to me like a bill that helps the economy, creates technological jobs, and helps the nation move away from its crippling over-dependence on Big Oil and OPEC. I, for one am very excited about the hybrid and EV vehicles currently on the market and due out in the near future.

Unlike the radial conservatives, who so far have only proposed legislation that treats women like we are living in the Dark Ages, Senator Stabenow has proposed visionary legislation that plugs the United States into a brighter future.

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7 Responses to Plugging into a brighter future

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  2. billy bob says:

    “Unlike the radial conservatives, who so far have only proposed legislation that treats women like we are living in the Dark Ages,”

    Oh come on, really?


    • Molly says:

      They campaigned on creating jobs, cutting the deficit and reducing spending. Instead they’re proposing anti-woman legislation.


    • Jules says:

      To clarify, there’s a bill they’re attempting to pass that is anti-abortion. The first attempt at it had wording that elaborated that for its purposes, only “forcible rape” counts as rape for the purposes of being allowed to have an abortion.

      The current version, as I recall, is trying to make it so that hospitals are not allowed to give abortions even if it would save the woman’s life. Pro-“Life” indeed.


      • Rick says:

        Thank you Jules. Between that bill and their efforts to overturn health care reform, the GOP is on the fast track toward 2012 ruin. All talk and no action makes the electorate unhappy campers.


      • Molly says:

        There are at least two bills: HR3 had the forcible rape wording, which Republicans said they’d remove but was still in the bill as of yesterday. HR358 is the one with the conscience clause that would allow doctors to let a woman die if terminating her pregnancy would save her life.


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