For love and not for money

With Valentine’s Day  approaching and the near-constant debate across the airwaves and headlines over tax cuts for the wealthy or business and looming budget deficits, I thought this quote from Marianne Williamson seemed particularly appropriate:

“Should the bottom line be money, or should the bottom line be love? The way we answer that determines how we order human civilization.”

Apparently, the GOP places businesses and the wealthy on a higher order than they do the rest of us. Here’s just one example from my state of Michigan that I became aware of today from a Facebook friend. Twenty-six state senators are co-sponsoring SB 1, which would give businesses a $2.2 billion tax cut by eliminating the Michigan Business Tax. Under the proposal, 85% of Michigan’s 300,000 businesses will end up paying no taxes at all. That’s right; zip, zero, nada! Also being proposed is SB 103, which would raise taxes on working families by $340 million by eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit.

First, these bills are inherently nasty and unfair, but on top of that they would make the state’s budget deficit even worse than it is currently. That is not only nasty and unfair, but downright dumb. Where’s the love (other than for money), senators?

For Valentine’s Day, let’s all reset love of our fellow human beings at the top of our priority list. It sure beats every other alternative out there, especially the damn almighty dollar.

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