America’s next fashion hub – Detroit?

Here’s a weblink to a “fashionating” story from NPR about the early and on-going development of a fashion industry in Detroit that started as a method of dressing robots. Huh? Who knew robots needed clothing? According to the story:

“Apparently robots, like humans, have delicate parts. The machines need to keep the oil, dust and grime away in order to function properly.”

From this industrialized beginning, the next step in the development of a fashion industry will be blue jeans. According to the story Motor City Denim will be marking blue jeans at an eye-popping $150 per pair when they go on the market next month.

Whether Detroit will become the next Milan, Paris, Tokyo, or New York is unknown. However, what is known is the fact that when Detroit puts its collective mind to accomplishing something, it does. This is the city that created the auto industry, became America’s arsenal of World War II, ruled the radio airwaves with Motown music in the 1960s and 1970s, continues to spawn great musical and cultural vibe, and is now a major producer and supplier of solar energy products and other exciting new technologies. If not fashion, I have no doubt this great city will chart an exciting new future.

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