Bike and Body Surfing 101

Okay…I admit it. I found the only remaining ice patch on the bike path and it freaking jumped up and bit me this morning. It was a remnant of an approximately 100 foot long snow packed area that I had to walk through on Tuesday’s ride. The remaining ice patch was only about 40-50 feet in length, but the problem was its slick surface was extremely uneven and had a film of water on it.
Even with my wider cross-country tires, I knew I was in trouble the moment I started to pass over the ice, because the unevenness was throwing my front tire out of line with the rear tire, it was losing contact with the surface, and I began to lose control.  Two main thoughts at this point (aside from oh, shit) were; fall in the grass instead of on the concrete and fall on the side away from my Kindle, which was stowed away in the right saddle bag. Fortunately, I was able to do both as I came down on my left shoulder/side in the grimy, gritty, and gross post snow melt grassy area between the pathway and the adjoining street.
Feeling stupid, embarrassed, and a tad disoriented, I hopped back onto the bike and finished the remaining two miles of my ride to work. As the day has progressed, some aches and pains have materialized, but nothing too traumatic. Do wish my body had more “bounceability” though, but all things considered, it could have been worse. I could have fallen onto the concrete, slid into the road, fallen off a cliff, been hunting with Dick Cheney, or I could have been devoured by the same pack of  ill-tempered rottweilers that flunked out of Hilda’s Obedience School in last week’s hilarious “Penguins of Madagascar” episode. Whew….what a relief.
Now that I have completed both summer (playing tennis) and the winter body surfing competitions, I  wonder if the International Olympic Committee will authorize either as a new event at the London Summer Games in 2012 or at the Sochi, Russia, winter games in 2014?  If not, the X Games, maybe?  If so, watch out Tony Hawk and Shawn White, here comes the tried and tested bicycling body surfer. Oh, yeah!
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