Portals to infinity…and beyond

I love reading books. No other medium allows me to become so totally engrossed in the story over an extended period of time. I have never quite understood those who prefer to blow through book after book like it is a hotdog eating contest. To me, reading a book is not supposed to be a sprint, it is supposed to be an enveloping and thought-provoking experience. How can you truly savor something when you never get a chance to relish in its texture and flavor?

I view reading a book as an opportunity to escape from the hum drum daily routine and take an adventure into a fascinating place or time filled with characters and colorful images created by the author.  As a result, I typically tend to read a chapter or less each day. This allows me to set the book down, quietly reflect upon what I just read, and contemplate the people, places, and things in my own mind. I especially like to ponder these bookmarks at quiet times like sitting in a park, before a nap, or prior to bed.

Is my method the right way to read a book? Certainly not. I would never be so conceited as to think that. However, it is the right way for me and I find it to be enjoyable, relaxing,  and comforting to me, while also being respectful to the author’s time and effort. Speed reading is for nauseating textbooks, not absorbing literature.

As I approach the conclusion of an especially good book, I tend to become melancholy that the adventure is concluding, much in the same way I feel at the end of a vacation. Why can’t this wonderful experience continue longer? I love these characters and want to get to know them more. I am mesmerized by the captivating locations, so why can’t I be transported there to see if my mental image matches the actual place?

So, go and find yourself a book to read and enjoy the journey. Books, whether published in cloth and paper, or distributed digital formats, are amazing portals to the entire universe and well beyond. All you have to do is open the gateway and step inside with your mind.

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