They are just what we needed – The Cars


Holy vintage automobiles, Batman!  The Cars are back.  Last night, I got my first chance to listen to/watch the new video off their upcoming album to be entitled Move Like This; their first in 24 years. The song “Blue Tip” sounds great and has a catchy video (see link below), as do the two other snippets now on YouTube for “Sad Song” and “Free.”  So nice to hear Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes, and David Robinson all back together again. Only wish Benjamin Orr was still alive to join in on the festivities. He passed away in 2000.

The Cars are one of my all time favorite bands and the only band that I own every album/compact disk ever released, The Cars got rolling in the late 70s and sped through most of the 80s with fantastic and fun music. Sadly, they suddenly broke up in 1988. However, they left behind an amazing musical legacy that shows up in later music from so many artists that followed them. The list of bands influenced by The Cars would take up too much space to list here.  Ric Ocasek has also produced a number of fantastic albums, in particular Weezer’s Blue and Green albums.

Having never gotten to see them play a live concert, I am hoping a reunion tour is part of their comeback.  Welcome back to The Cars. I, for one, really missed you.  The Cars are full of “Magic” and are “Just What I Needed” to liven up 2011.  So, “Strap Me In” for the forthcoming wild and exciting ride and “Let the Good Times Roll” once again.

UPDATE: Here’s “Sad Song” from the new album – it’s a terrific track.

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2 Responses to They are just what we needed – The Cars

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  2. I used to love The Cars when I was little. Now the only song I can stomach is Candy-O, which is a stellar song.


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