Away down south in “Dioxin Dixie”

Well folks, here is yet another interesting factoid on why Texas should continue to be regarded as the bright and shining light of rampant, unfettered capitalism; the state is freaking aglow in hazardous wastes. Just keep it a secret and do not tell anyone, it might scare all the newcomers and tourists off.

According to 2009 data from the EPA, Texas alone, generates 38.1 percent of all hazardous waste in the entire United States. Yes, you read that correctly, nearly 40 percent of all hazardous waste in our entire country is created by just one state! Texas produces three times more hazardous waste than second place Georgia and more than 46 other states combined. Those are astonishing and downright frightening statistics.

The rest of “Dioxin Dixie” does not sound too peachy clean either, since the top five states for hazardous waste generation are all from the deep South. Here’s the 2009 data list from the EPA:

1. Texas: 13,461,911 tons of hazardous waste generated

2. Georgia: 4,024,468 tons of hazardous waste generated

3. Louisiana: 3,878,843 tons of hazardous waste generated

4. Alabama: 2,063,609 tons of hazardous waste generated

5. Mississippi: 1,702,446 tons of hazardous waste generated

All 45 other states combined accounted for 10,200,119 tons of hazardous waste generated, according to EPA statistics.

One has to wonder where all those generated tons of hazardous waste end up. All but one of the top five hazardous waste producing states border the Gulf of Mexico and even many of Georgia’s watersheds flow there too. The data certainly gives one pause to think and wonder what the hell are they thinking away down south in “Dioxin Dixie.”

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44 Responses to Away down south in “Dioxin Dixie”

  1. zerodour says:

    Wow !!! That is an interesting fact !!!
    Texas alone with 13,461,911 tons vs. 45 other states combined accounted for 10,200,119 tons

    Just … to much …


  2. bob jones says:

    did anyone actaully see WHY texas is the highest? perhaps it has something to do with doing the bulk of the oil refining in the US.

    so ya, if you enjoy driving your car, operating anything with electricity, or the food that makes it to your super k (thanks to that process), you can pay thanks to the great state of texas.


  3. Nesetalis says:

    So I compared the major oil refineries against these numbers.. got the data from here:
    Texas has 23 refineries.
    Louisiana has 17.
    Alabama and Mississippi both have 3 a piece.
    Georgia has 1.
    compare that to California which has 20.. yet also has some of the strictest pollution laws.


  4. whu says:

    That really must be messing with Texas…


  5. Christian Librul says:

    When they secede again, they’ll have to keep all that sludge in their sovereign state. Forever.


    • Rick says:

      Great point, Christian! Maybe we ought to let them go. Thanks for commenting.


    • danielkjenkins says:

      and our oil… and our wind power… and our refineries…

      Why would anyone attempt to paint such a monilithic picture of such a diverse state? I see this attitude as no different than the far rights attempt to oversimplify every issue.

      Have you ever been to Texas?


  6. Israel=Terrorists says:

    Isn’t Texas where 40% of this countries hazardous waste also lives?


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  8. CDeLoss says:

    From Buffalo Bayou to the Mississippi River, you have the old guard oil production facilities that started in the late 1800’s. Texas/Louisiana were big time oil producers from wells, and continue to be, but again, when the business started, that’s where it was. Kind of like beef in Kansas City/St. Louis/Chicago areas due to cattle drives in the past. The states in that area have been choked off by oil companies for generations when it comes to controlling pollution, be it land, sea, or air. Ask anyone who lives in Pasadena, Texas, nickname locally, Stinkadena. The poor people from east Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi are used to dump toxic byproducts from oil all over the place, especially in poor rural areas (for city folks, think slums, just a mile apart from each other). In Louisiana and I presume Mississippi, being such a progressive state and all, this often involves exploitation of isolated, poor, and illiterate blacks. Stay classy oil industry.


  9. ProudPrimate says:

    Is it my imagination, or are there a number of points here through which one can draw a straight line? Slavery, the Mexican War, this toxic tango, and the ENRON coup in California. All examples of putting profit above principle. Maybe I should add televangelists like Abramoff pal Ralph Reed, and blood-diamond billionaire Pat Robertson.

    “Like a dog on a chain/He ain’t-a got no name/But it ain’t him to blame/He’s only a pawn in their game”


    • Rick says:

      All good points. Sadly, “profits before principles” seems to be the national motto for too many people. Thanks for the comments, ProudPrimate.


  10. normanx says:

    Amazing… the majority of toxic waste comes from Republican states. Now, if they would just shut their mouths… we could probably eliminate half of that toxic waste….


  11. Shediac says:

    So is this why the Koch brothers and others were pushing so hard to soften the pollution laws in California? Money to me made if you don’t have to clean up you’re mess.


  12. K.G. says:

    If the states acknowledged personal property rights We the People would actually have some power to stop the polluting of our property!! Instead, corporitism and big government do a grand job messing it up for generations to come.


  13. turkeyfish says:

    “What were they thinking?”

    Having lived in Mississippi now for over 20 years I can assure you, that most of the residents here, as elsewhere, gave up on thinking many years ago now. Its only gotten worse as the neurological effects of the accumulated toxins has disrupted the genomes of entire families. Entire brains have been rendered completely dysfunctional. However, if you spend enough on PR, you can get them all to synchronize at the same erratic, high frequencies.


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  15. danielkjenkins says:

    These are the figures per square mile. Check my math.

    Texas 51.4
    Georgia 69.49
    Louisiana 89.03
    Alabama 40.66
    Mississippi 36.29


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  17. comanche says:

    there’s a whole mess load of papermill plants that covers that point,
    that’s why they say DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS,cause they got that covered
    all over in S.E. TX.


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