Kudos to Canada’s Parliament

The Conservative Canadian government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper fell yesterday on a no confidence vote by the Parliament. According to the CBC:

“Only five other non-confidence votes have happened in Canada’s history, according to information on the Library of Parliament website. This is the first time it has occurred because a majority of MPs voted that they believed the government was in contempt of Parliament.”

Nice to see that Canada knows how to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Too bad our system here in the states is so time consuming, expensive, and cumbersome. By the time you get to vote the bums out they have had too much time to devastate the economy and the laws. Then the next administration is left to pick up the wreckage that was left behind.

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6 Responses to Kudos to Canada’s Parliament

  1. The problems that the United States has today could have been prevented if America had a House of commons like Canada.


  2. This is the time for Quebec to separate from Canada.


    • Rick says:

      Quebec is absolutely beautiful. I love Canada dearly and would personally prefer Quebec remain a unified part of it. Thank you for your comments, Rihard.


  3. Uncle Dave says:

    I still stand firm . . .

    . . . “Who is treading on Whom ?”

    The Ultra Cons. Reps are being super critical that Dems have taken away freedoms,
    when, almost, every effort on their part is in the direction of taking freedoms away
    from others, who think and do differently than they do i.e. women; gay folks, middle-class folk, etc. I just don’t understand !


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