Fun and famous Friday(s): “Just the facts”

The title of the post includes part of a famous quote used by Sergeant Joe Friday in the television series Dragnet.  For this week’s Fun Friday, here’s a list of famous Fridays.

  • Sergeant Joe Friday: character from the TV series/movie Dragnet.
  • TGI Fridays: restaurant chain
  • Good Friday religious holiday
  • TGIF: slogan for Friday evening television shows on ABC
  • Friday’s: comedy variety show on ABC back in the early 1980s.
  • “Fun Friday”: Progressive Blogic (shameless self-promotion here)
  • Friday: fictional character from the book/movie Robinson Crusoe
  • Friday Harbor, Washington, in the lovely San Juan Islands
  • Science Friday: program on NPR with Ira Flatow
  • His Girl Friday: motion picture starring Cary Grant from 1940
  • Friday the 13th: movie series
  • Black Friday for the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving
  • Casual Friday at the workplace
  • Freaky Friday: motion picture from 1976 and remake in 2003
  • Friday: 1995 motion picture
  • Friday Night Lights: television show and term for high school football
  • “Friday, I’m in Love”: song by The Cure. Below is a terrific acoustic version of this classic.
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