A celebration donation

UPDATE at 10:30 pm: We have passed 50,000 page views – thank you everyone for the continued support. We will be contacting the subscriber soon to find out which homeless shelter or food pantry they would like the donation to go to.

UPDATE at 8:00 pm: Only about 500 page views from 50,000 page views.

UPDATE at 6:30 pm: Only about 1,300 more page views until the magic 50,000 is reached and the subscriber’s name is chosen.

Progressive Blogic debuted on November 1, 2010. Never in our wildest dreams did Molly or I ever think we would be approaching 50,000 page views in under six months.

Well, we are with earshot of that number and would like to celebrate by donating $25 to a homeless shelter or food pantry on behalf of one of our subscribers.  All subscribers to Progressive Blogic are eligible, no matter how long you have been one. The name of the subscriber will be chosen randomly by us from the list provided by WordPress.com and a check for $25 will be mailed to the homeless shelter or food pantry of the subscriber’s choice.

So, sign up for Progressive Blogic and help us celebrate a major milestone by helping others who are in need.

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5 Responses to A celebration donation

  1. Peg says:

    Terrific idea!


  2. Jane McClure says:

    I’m proud of both of you! You’ve done some fine writing in a few month’s time. I’ve been surprised by the variety of things you’ve discussed whether funny, serious, thoughtful, or entertaining, they’ve all been interesting to read and ponder. Keep up the good work, Rick & Molly!


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