“Dustbindiana” and “Landfillinois”

Below is a list of the ten states that produce the most garbage per person in the United States. I am not proud to say my birth state, Indiana leads this shameful list, with Illinois following close behind. States that produced the most trash per person (per capita) in 2006 were:

  • Indiana: 2.15 tons/person/year
  • Illinois: 2.07 tons/person/year
  • Tennessee: 2.01 tons/person/year
  • Kentucky: 1.88 tons/person/year
  • Colorado: 1.82 tons/person/year
  • District of Columbia: 1.76 tons/person/year
  • Missouri: 1.70 tons/person/year
  • Maine: 1.66 tons/person/year
  • Virginia: 1.60 tons/person/year
  • Alabama: 1.52 tons/person/year

The national average was 1.38 tons/person/year. My current home state, Michigan was better than the national average at 1.25 tons/person/year, while Idaho produced the least trash per person at 0.85 tons/year.

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