Sayonara to using Slashdot

When Reddit went down recently because of problems with the Amazon cloud, I thought I would spend the time searching out other similar sharing websites. I came across Slashdot. Though more techie oriented it seemed like a good site to add links from the blog. It advertises it self as “news for nerds, stuff that matters.” Unlike Reddit, Slashdot has more moderation hoops to jump through before a post will be distributed.

All went well for the first week or two and one of our posts uploaded to Slashdot got more than 100 page views. The account also was rated positive by the moderators and received some achievements (their term for good karma). Several days ago I went on the site to upload a post from our blog and discovered someone had marked every single post that had been uploaded to Slashdot as spam.

Uploading our original posts to sharing sites is not blog-spamming. Essentially, whoever did this was calling any original material we wrote and any news topics we provided commentary on and uploaded, blogspam. But, worse than that, I could not figure out anyway to correct it or how to contact someone at Slashdot to resolve the issue. In addition, many of the site functions no longer worked, including the ability to logout from the website. My only option was to reset the computer to get off Slashdot’s website. NOT HAPPY!

As a result of all this crap, it is time to say sayonara to using Slashdot. It is no wonder they were long ago surpassed by Reddit and StumbleUpon. Too bad, because I think there is room for healthy competition in this area of the web. Certainly, the groundbreakers do not always rule their domain – MySpace being usurped by Facebook  and Reddit outdistancing Digg and Slashdot are two good examples.

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