“Let the good times roll” with The Cars

Got a chance to listen to all of the first new album by The Cars in 24 years last night on Soundcloud. I was not disappointed. The album, entitled Move Like This, sounds like the band never took a quarter-century off.

The only notable difference was the absence of Benjamin Orr, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2000. Otherwise, Ric Ocasek’s writing and singing are as fresh, fun, and unique as ever; Elliot Easton’s guitar riffs are as strong as ever; Greg Hawkes’ keyboards are as sweet as ever; and drummer David Robinson’s percussion is as precise as ever.

Below are two of the gems off the new album which showcase Ric Ocasek’s fun, poignant, and one-of-a-kind writing style that makes music from The Cars so special:

From “Blue Tip”

“You believe in anything
They tell you how to think
The simpletons all circle
In the raging roller rink”

From “Sad Song”

“Too many thoughts
Breaking your stride
Too many Jekylls
Feeling like a Mr. Hyde “

Favorite tracks on the new album (due in stores and online on Tuesday, May 10th), include:

  1. “Sad Song”
  2. “Blue Tip”
  3. “Too Late”
  4. “Soon”
  5. “Free”
  6. “Take Another Look”
  7. “Keep on Knocking”
  8. “Hits Me”

Hopefully, the release of the new album will strength chances for the band to be inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame soon. I find that to be the single greatest oversight of the museum and do not plan to tour it until The Cars are enshrined there as they should have been long ago. Enjoy a ride with The Cars and “Let the Good Times Roll.”

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