“Simple Math” doesn’t quite add up

When I heard the current single “Simple Math” by Manchester Orchestra and saw its amazing video, I was hoping they would herald a magical third album by the Atlanta-based band. Last night I listened to the entire 45 minute release on Soundcloud. While Simple Math is good overall and has some spectacular moments, it doesn’t add up to being a classic in my opinion. Why?

The primary reason is because I think a total album needs to reach out and grab you and then literally knock your socks off. Certain songs do that on Simple Math, but more tunes leaving me hanging like an incomplete equation.

I also am not a big fan of “twangy” vocals. All of the Manchester Orchestra songs that I have enjoyed to date do not include a “twangy” sound. Several of the tunes on this album incorporate too much of that style.

Four of the ten tracks I do like and they are:

  • “Simple Math” – a resounding title track and one of the best individual tunes of the year.
  • “Leave It Alone”
  • Virgin – a haunting, dark track that sounds like it could have been a tune on Pink Floyd’s, The Wall.
  • “Leaky Breaks”

There probably will be some Manchester Orchestra fans out there that are not happy with my review. I appreciate that. But, after hearing the title track when it was released a month or so ago, I was expecting a dazzling new studio album that is more magical and jaw-dropping than has been delivered with this new release.

Simple Math will be available on-line and in stores on Tuesday, May 10th.

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