“Time keeps on slipping…into the future”

Anyone who grew up in my era will recognize those lyrics from the Steve Miller Band‘s song entitled “Fly Like an Eagle.” When I first heard the song, oh so many years ago, I could not relate to the lyrics. Today, they are like a haunting prophecy from above. Where the heck did all the time go?

To me, time has flown by at warp speed ever since I graduated from Purdue uhmmmm number of years ago.  I do not know what it is that makes time seem to slip by so fast –the rat race? daily work routines? conservatives? perception? the boob tube? aging?

Time seems to have passed particularly fast since having children, especially when they started playing sports and attending school. Eighteen years may feel like forever at first, but it seems like something shifted life into a higher-gear and those days went blazing past in a blur around age six.

Over this recent Memorial Day weekend, my oldest son married a wonderful woman and my youngest son graduated from high school. I am very proud of all three sons and that weekend put an exclamation point on those feelings. At the same time, I felt melancholy. Gone are the excitement  of the first day of school and first bus ride; gone are parent-teacher meetings; gone are friends playing video games in the basement until the wee hours of the morning; gone are the plethora of soccer and lacrosse games; and gone are the homework assignments that were way over my head by middle school.

Even more so, I miss those sweet, tender moments like a hug in the morning and evening, throwing a football in the back yard, and helping them reel in their first bluegill or bass. Yes, empty nest syndrome is very real and can be quite painful. Do not let anyone ever tell you it does not exist — they are either lying or have no heart.

As time slips further into the future, I hope and pray there are many unique opportunities and fun adventures awaiting. However, I cannot imagine any of them surpassing the feeling one gets when your children score their first soccer goal; when they come home with straight A’s on a report card; or especially when they say they love you.

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4 Responses to “Time keeps on slipping…into the future”

  1. Jane McClure says:

    Rick, your comments are so true, they made me teary! Chuck & I have said many times that those years when we were hauling kids to baseball & soccer games, 4-H & science fairs or piano lessons or taking them to the zoo, or playing w/them in the yrd, or reading them a bedtime story were the very best years of our lives. They were precious & fortunately we still have many pictures that capture those moments, but it does make us sad to know they are gone forever. And yes, our lives change & you know that we all move on, but those poignant times stay w/us always.


  2. d says:



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