Leaping tall buildings in a single mouse click

Recently, one of Progressive Blogic’s most popular posts was about my favorite skylines in the USA and Canada.  Since publishing that post, I have discovered a seriously cool website that any skyscraper fan, Sim City fan, or skyline appreciator will love — skyscrapercity.com.

There are so many cool pictures on this site that you could spend weeks just admiring the photos. Beyond that, the site has ridiculously detailed information on nearly every tall building on the planet, especially those over 100 meters tall.

Skyscraper City also include several daily features such as “Guess the City” (not as easy as it sounds) and “Rate the Daily Banner.”  There is even a World Cup of super tall skyscrapers where you vote for your favorite(s) in competition with other tall towers based on your individual likes and dislikes of the design, architecture, setting, etc.

I’m betting the historic, art deco Chrysler  Building (my personal favorite) will end up being the winner, but you never know. Below is a recent example from the “One on One World Cup of Super Talls” from the skyscrapercity.com website pitting a skyscraper in Hanoi against one in Moscow.

So, if you like tall buildings, enjoy admiring skylines, and want the latest and greatest news about skyscraper and other significant building development and restoration around the world, give skyscraper city.com a try.

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