America’s collegiate dairy treats – yummy!

Sorry, Ben and Jerry’s, Edy’s, Haagen-Daz, Dairy Queen, Melting Moments, and Cold Stone, but you have been outdone and outclassed by the best campus dairy store in this country.

Few things taste as good on a hot summer day than a ice cream cone and I know of no better place to get one for a ridiculously reasonable price than the Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Store in East Lansing. If you are not from Mid-Michigan, any trip to or past Greater Lansing should include a pit stop at this wonderful local icon.

Where else can you get rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious ice cream with flavors named after each Big Ten (really now 12, but whose counting) school? Plus there are many other great, mouth-watering flavors.  And two huge scoops for $2.50 is a price that is hard to beat, as well.

There are two locations with the main one in the Anthony Hall on the west side of Farm Lane, between Shaw Lane and Wilson Drive, while a branch location is situated in the MSU Union Building.  Seating is available inside at both Anthony Hall and the Union, and a lovely courtyard is provided adjacent to the main store.

Aside from the tasty treats from the dairy bar, pre-packaged cups of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry swirl ice cream are available for purchase, as are gallons and half-gallons, and freshly made varieties of cheese.

Yes, other colleges and universities have dairy stores, creameries, or dairy bars, but I doubt any can match the MSU Dairy Store. Sadly, a few have closed, as well.  If you cannot make it to East Lansing to taste the Spartan’s sweet delights, give one of these other campus dairy stores listed below a try and enjoy the taste of collegiate ice cream made right on campus. If you know of other collegiate dairy stores, creameries, and dairy bars that are not listed, send me a note or comment, and I will add them to this list. Enjoy!

UPDATE – Add North Carolina State (Raleigh, NC) and University of Missouri (Columbia, MO) to the list. Thank you Aaron and Kit. : )

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5 Responses to America’s collegiate dairy treats – yummy!

  1. Jane McClure says:

    Now you tell us!!!


  2. kit10phish says:

    Mizzou has one on campus featuring Tiger-Stripe, the favored ice cream of the Black & Gold crowd. University of Missouri-Columbia.


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