Catch some solar arrays – go see Quantum

If you live in Michigan, northwest Ohio, or northern Indiana, or if you just happen to be visiting Michigan at the right time, there is a unique a unique opportunity starting Saturday, July 16th to observe the latest in solar-powered car technology in action. The defending National Champion University of Michigan Solar Car team will be taking to the roads for a mock 1,000 mile solar car race in preparation for the World Championships coming up this October in the outback of Australia. The mock race is projected to take four days to complete with required stops.

Essentially circling the Lower Peninsula, the team will pass through many cities and towns in “Quantum” and its support vehicles.  As a parent of a former U of M solar car team array leader and 2005 National Champion team member, I can highly recommend checking out Quantum and the team as the travel this practice circuit from personal experience, especially at the mock check points in St. Joseph, Ludington, Traverse City, Mackinaw City, and Tawas City.

Proudly representing our state, U of M has won the last three National Championships in solar car competition and have finished as high as third in the world competition, which includes professional teams. Go Blue!

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