I’m tired of wimpy free wi-fi


Okay…one of my pet peeves here. I have had it with places that advertise they have free w-fi only to find out it is not working or so wimpy you could walk from here to Timbuktu and back before anything happens on your screen each time you try to upload or download.

For example, twice recently I have gone to a laundromat that advertised they had free wi-fi only to find out it was not working at the time I was there. Of course it is free, when it does not work!

Since the wi-fi is being offered for free, perhaps I should not be complaining. But, like any other customer service, there should be some degree of reliability. None of us would accept a hotel room with a television that does not work or a toilet that is clogged, so why should we just accept lousy wi-fi service.

My suggestion would be to create a set of minimum standards for wi-fi services based on the system’s capacity or capability. That way, if a business has low-rated wi-fi capability, we do not have to waste our time going there.

In the ever-changing dynamics of business and industry, many organizations added free wi-fi services to remain competitive in the marketplace. Unfortunately, it seems that some of them never really thought through the long-term implications of such a move.   Hopefully, adding minimum standards will improve wi-fi consistency and reliability across the landscape and I can cross one of my pet peeves off the list.


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4 Responses to I’m tired of wimpy free wi-fi

  1. kit10phish says:

    Did you use the laundry mat to wash clothes? I think as consumers we also need to remember why companies offer the wifi and be respectful. Giving money to the business while using their space (and wifi) is the considerate thing to do. That said–it IS totally annoying to have advertised free wifi that doesn’t end up working!


  2. MXOLISI says:

    mmmm what matter you just pick ,iwent to wimpy rest…… and ask alady who work there an she told me tha sir idont have an ide of what wifi is an we dont sell. that here imge that


  3. Petrus Terblans says:

    The same happen to me at Wimpy at the Glen Alberton. No connection availab le.


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