Recycling is more than a personal decision

During my daily trash can dive in the break room, I came across several plastic items that are recyclable. Jokingly, I made a comment while passing the desk of one of the people who had tossed an item into the trash, about the benefits of recycling.

In response, I was told that the choice to recycle is a personal decision. Really?

I would agree with them if their choice not to recycle had no ill effects or consequences for the rest of us. It’s the whole, “I’ll do whatever the damn well I please” attitude that really gets on my nerves.  If you have the right to pollute our planet at your own whims and on your own terms, then I have the right to criticize those selfish actions.

Until we as a society become selfless instead of selfish, progress toward solving our environmental, economic, and social problems is going to be slow at best — I guess slow is better than stopped or reversed.

My heart hopes and prays that somehow, some way, some day, our society will become more enlightened on the benefits of caring and loving each other and our good Earth — that day cannot come soon enough for me.

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2 Responses to Recycling is more than a personal decision

  1. David Guion says:

    Human selfishness limits progress toward any conceivable worthwhile social goal. Maybe we’d better just find good answers to the question, “what’s in it for me?” Meanwhile, keep up your trash can diving. You’re doing a good thing.


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