My favorite cuisines

I will readily admit I have not tried every cuisine out there, but of the ones I have, these are my favorites in order (not including American or Canadian):

Greek – Souvlaki is may favorite, but I also love gyros, their salads, feta cheese, and olives – how do you say yummy in Greek?

Mediterranean (similar to Greek)

Persian/Middle Eastern – ahhh, more kabobs and saffron rice

Chinese – love moo goo gai pan

Mexican – enchiladas and more

Italian – not sure whether to include pizza here – if so, move it up two places

English/Scottish – yes you read that correctly – haggis anyone? Love lamb, fish and chips, as well as the multitude of offerings at an English/Scottish breakfast.


Japanese – not a fan of uncooked fish, but like other offerings

Thai – How many people can say the first time I had Thai cuisine was in a pub in Inverness, Scotland?

Belgian – waffles anyone?



As you can see, there are a lot of other cuisines I need to try yet. I am looking forward to each new tasty experience for my palate.

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