My favorite songs by America’s best band

I love listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s (DCFC) music. The artfully crafted lyrics, Ben’s tremendous vocals, the soaring melodies, the choruses, the catchy guitar riffs, and everything other aspect are super-stellar. Each new release seems to build upon its predecessors.

Below is my list of DCFC’s best songs from their great, great catalogue. Some may vary in their rankings now and then, but it the list gives a good representation of my favorite tracks and albums.

Until recently, I thought no track by them could ever top “Marching Bands of Manhattan” from the album Plans. However, when I heard the title track from Transatlanticism at their concert at the Fox Theater in Detroit, I knew I had found a tune that had surpassed it.  In my eyes, it is the best rock song ever recorded. Yes…better than “Stairway to Heaven;” better than “Bohemian Rhapsody;” better than “Gimme Shelter;” and better than “Hey Jude.”

The song “Transatlanticism” is simply breathtaking – there is no other word for the feelings and emotions that come over me when I listen to the song or hear it in concert. As the concluding song of DCFC’s encore, the drums were being pounded with the vigor and intensity of a blacksmith pounding piping-hot iron – to the point where you almost thought the drum set would collapse from the pressure, until the very end when Jason stopped in an instant. OH MY – what a performance and what a song.

  1. “Transatlanticism” – album of the same name
  2. “Marching Bands of Manhattan” – Plans
  3. “You Are a Tourist” – Codes and Keys
  4. “Unobstructed Views” – Codes and Keys
  5. “Doors Unlocked and Opened” – Codes and Keys
  6. “I Will Posses Your Heart” – Narrow Stairs
  7. “The New Year” – Transatlanticism
  8. “Underneath the Sycamore” – Codes and Keys
  9. “Monday” Morning” – Codes and Keys
  10. “What Sarah Said” – Plans
  11. “Sounds of Settling” – Transatlanticism
  12. “Codes and Keys” – album of the same name
  13. “Title and Registration” – Transatlanticism
  14. “Crooked Teeth” – Plans
  15. I Will Follow You into the Dark” – Plans
  16. Army Corps of Architects – Studio X Sessions EP
  17. Soul Meets Body” – Plans
  18. A Lack of Color” – Transatlanticism
  19. No Sunlight” – Narrow Stairs
  20. “I Was a Kaleidoscope” – The Photo Album
  21. “Meet Me on the Equinox” – Twilight soundtrack
  22. “Summer Skin” – Plans
  23. “Bend to Squares” -Something About Airplanes
  24. “Long Division” – Narrow Stairs
  25. “Line of Best Fit” – Something About Airplanes
  26. “A Movie Script Ending” – The Photo Album
  27. Tiny Vessels” – Transatlanticism
  28. “Lightness” – Transatlanticism
  29. “We Looked Like Giants” – Transatlanticsim
  30. We Laugh Indoors” – The Photo Album
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