If you don’t snooze, you’ll lose

Well, the old adage used to be “you snooze, you lose.” As it turns out, just the opposite is true. According to a story in the August edition of AARP Magazine, a study at University College London’s Medical School found that lack of sleep ages the brain at a faster rate.

“Those whose sleep decreased during the five years showed an accelerated mental decline during cognitive testing that was equal to an extra four to seven years of aging.”

The optimal sleep pattern is considered to be six to eight hours of consistent sleep.  So if you are an early bird who like to get the worm,  you will need to need to be early to bed as well, for otherwise you won’t be rising healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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3 Responses to If you don’t snooze, you’ll lose

  1. loo says:

    Lack of sleep actually made you a lot more dangerous when you come to think of it, like when you drive, or your boss see you yawning during work.


  2. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.


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