A cultural gem found right under my nose

I attended my first Pump House Concert this past Sunday evening in East Lansing. This unique and eclectic venue is situated in a 1934 pump house on a triangle island of green amid surrounding historic Bailey residential neighborhood.

Each month, performers from around the world stop by and play acoustical performances at this delightful and petite musical venue.  The building holds no more than 60 patrons and a suggested donation of $10 is requested (all of which goes to the performers) – and kids are free. The acoustics are simply fabulous and the ambiance is like having a concert in you own home, topped off with homemade sweets and snacks. 

What made last night’s performance even more special is that all the musicians donated their earnings to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund.

Now, I do not know where I’ve been for all these years, but the Pump House Concerts are a brilliant gem that I have uncovered in Greater Lansing. I cannot think of a more pleasant and enjoyable location for some terrific folk, blues, jazz, indie, country, and other music genre. I will be attending regularly. What makes this location even more special it that the historic well pump house was completed in 1934 – a time when my great-uncle was a public works employee for the City of East Lansing.

If you reside in Greater Lansing or are visiting the area, check out the Pump House Concerts – you will be glad you did.

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