I really waited 3.5 years for this???

In April 2008, British band The Kooks released their second studio album entitled Konk. It was a terrific album with nearly every track being very enjoyable. The CD was replayed by me constantly for a good year. As a result, I have been eagerly anticipating and waiting and waiting for their third studio release.

Guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up too high. Sadly, according to a story on NME, “too high” may be part of the problem. Sorry gang, but this third album, entitled Junk of the Heart, doesn’t appeal to me, nor does it seem to have the energy, pulse, and passion incorporated into Konk. Is there such a thing as a junior slump?

I will admit, there is one track that is simply incredible and I have bought it on iTunes. The tune is called “Is it Me?” Several others are okay, but many of the tracks on Junk of the Heart lose me almost immediately from the start in a tangled jumble of semi-melodic fluff. I just wish the same intensity had been put into the balance of the album that was obviously incorporated into “Is it Me?” By the way, the video for “Is it Me?” is quite imaginative and fun – just when you think there are no more great ideas for videos, someone knocks the ball out of the park. Give whomever came up with this video concept a raise.

Kudos to The Kooks on “Is it Me?” and the accompanying video, but most of the other tracks could have been used as filler on better albums.

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2 Responses to I really waited 3.5 years for this???

  1. I know what you mean, after listening through the Junk of the Heart for the first time I just felt “was that it?”. “Is It Me” is probably the stand out track, and “Rosie ” and “Runaway” are not too bad, but after such a long wait, I was expecting so much more.


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