Fun Friday: If d-a-c-h-s-h-u-n-d-s ruled the world.

  • The term “wiener dog” would be outlawed.
  • All furniture would be required to be no more than 12 inches above the ground, including dinner tables so it is easier for us to scrounge for between meal snacks.
  • All cities named Frankfort must change their name to Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt, Germany would be the world capital.
  • The term “hot dog” can only be used to describe how rad we are – the food “hot dog” would be revised to “tubular treat.”  (Believe me – I could have gone down some slippery slopes with this one.)
  • A single clip-on roller skate would be formed-fitted so our bellies do not drag on the ground.
  • Dorky would be decreed as a positive attribute.
  • The national sport would be badger hunting.
  • The University of Wisconsin would be required to change its mascot to the skunk, because all badger’s stink.
  • They would be unilaterally declared grand champion at all dog shows – forget those prissy poodles and annoying fluff balls.
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