A “Wales” of a full-length debut album

I may be a tad late to the party, but the debut full-length CD by The Joy Formidable, entitled The Big Roar is absolutely fantastic. The band from Wales grabs the listener by the nuts (metaphorically) from the first track and then proceeds to send shivers right up your spine with every single note.

Of the twelve songs on The Big Roar, I tagged nine of them as five stars on iTunes, though picking a favorite would be difficult. My favorite tracks include (in track order)

“The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie”


“A Heavy Abacus”


“Buoy” (see video below)

“Cradle” (see video below)

“Llaw = Wall”

“Chapter 2”

“The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade”

The band formed in 2007 and consists of Ritzy Bryan, Rhydian Dafydd, and Matt Thomas. While listening to the album, I was captivated by some truly cutting edge alternative rock sounds created and recorded by the band. Check their stuff out – it is a terrific album and through this point in 2011 would easily be my choice of best debut CD of the year. Yes, it’s that good….and much, much more!



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4 Responses to A “Wales” of a full-length debut album

  1. Tim Woodman says:

    A rather raucous and energetic jamboree, the New Joan Jett.


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