America’s second Civil War is upon us

We are in the very midst of America’s second Civil War right now, folks, and have been for roughly 15 years. This is not a war fought with muskets, grape-shot, and ironclads; but it is one fought with the pen, the keyboard, and digital media. Furthermore, it is not a war fought between uniforms of blue and gray, but between blue and red states.

The outcome is just as critical for the United States as the Civil War fought in the 1860s was, for this is a battle for the very heart and soul of the country. It all basically comes down to one question; Are we going to place profit ahead of people?

Just like its predecessor, America’s second Civil War has divided households, families, neighbors, friends, communities, and states. In both cases, the battle lines have been largely drawn over the issue of economic slavery. In the 19th century, it was the use of African-American slaves in the South to maintain its largely agrarian economy, while today it is the use of lower and middle-income citizens and immigrants as the slaves by Wall Street power brokers, large banks, big oil, and the military-industrial complex.

One hopes and prays that the forces of good – faith, hope, and love will someday soon overcome the forces of evil – greed, profit, and self-interest. Sorry Gordon Gekko, but greed is definitely not good – it is the root of all evil.

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