America’s best modern city park


One could probably debate all day long about which historic city park is best in the United States. Top contenders would certainly include the Boston Common, Central Park in New York City, Grant Park in Chicago, and Forest Park in St. Louis, among many others. But for a more recent, modern city park there is no contest – Millennium Park in downtown Chicago is simply astounding for its location, art, architecture, innovation, landscaping, and other public placemaking features. The Cloud Gate sculpture (or sometimes referred to as the bean) itself is worth the entire visit. Combine it with the Crown Fountain, the winding footbridge, the Pritzker Pavilion, the bicycle center, lovely landscaping and with the many other public buildings and facilities on the site and you have one superb city park that reflects urban planning at its very best. Below are a few photos of Millennium Park that were taken last weekend during my visit.

Cloud Gate sculpture

portion of the Crown Fountain


Pritzker Pavilion

Gardens at the park entrance

Bike center

Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument

A map and pdf linkof Millennium Park are provided. The is easy to reach even if you are in Chicago for a short visit like I was – five hours between my Amtrak trains. Give it a visit, I think you will want to return time after time.


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