The passing of an American legend – Steve Jobs (1956-2011)

I was deeply saddened last night upon learning of Steve Jobs passing. At the time, I was writing a new post for this blog, but had to stop working at the news.

Steve Jobs was the Galileo, the Da Vinci, and the Thomas Edison all rolled into one for my generation and was certainly the single most important individual of both the computer and digital ages. Steve Jobs changed the way the world operates, as well as how it is entertained. Don’t forget, he was not just the co-founder and creative inspiration for Apple with its iPod, iPhone, and iPad, but also Pixar Studios.

As we all know, Pixar reinvented and revived motion picture animation and brought back damn good story telling. Anyone would be hard pressed to find an American home that does not have at least one Apple electronic product in it and/or at least one Pixar movie on a shelf. None of us will ever forget Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Nemo, Wall-E, Mr. Incredible, or any of the other wonderful characters Pixar Studios has brought to life on the silver screen.

Your inspired and far-reaching innovation will be missed, Steve. Thank you for all the great inventions and creations. As the best quote I have seen about your passing puts so eloquently, “iSad.” Rest in peace, Steve.

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