Where’s the justice?

I have noticed that advertisements in print, broadcasting, and on billboards for attorneys and legal services have morphed in the past few years. Previously, most were about injury claims, drunk driving, and divorce. Today, the majority appear to have something to do with foreclosure, bankruptcy, or tax issues.

While none of the prior and presents lists are light-hearted topics, the more recent ones say a great deal about the fragile state of our economy. The sad part is, far too often it is the innocent victims of monetary policy and manipulation that must suffer the painful consequences of the wrong-doings of the financial elite.

Why don’t we hear about class action lawsuits against those who played and manipulated the system to their personal benefit? There is no way that just Bernie Madoff was milking others. Aren’t the manipulators supposed to be the ones who should be suffering the consequences of their evil deeds? Or am I missing something here?

Some may say, the evil doers will get their just desserts in hell. That may be so, but if you are going to learn from history and prevent such scandalous actions from ever happening again, then corrective actions are needed in the here and now too, both in the courts and in legislation. To do otherwise is pure folly.

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