Scenes from Occupy Lansing – 10/15/11

Quite a day at Michigan’s state capitol building as the Occupy movement arrived at the steps of the people’s house at 10 am. Despite very chilly winds, a crowd of 1,000+ joined organizers to hear speeches, set an agenda, and formalize the protest. Kat Sluka from Muskegon was present to help facilitate the proceedings. Kudos to all who attended to show their support for the Occupy movement.

Welcoming the protesters to the city was Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who quipped in his classic style, ” I’m tired of being trickled down on.”

If you are tired of Wall Street manipulating our democracy consider showing your support of the Occupy movement, including spending some time at the protest. Another option is to consider moving your money out of the big banks (you know who they are) and into a credit union or local community bank. Here’s a weblink to

Wall Street and the plutocracy will take notice when the 99% start moving their money out of the big banks. “Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street,” is the organizations slogan.

Here’s a few photos from the 10/15/11 events in Lansing:

Kat Sluka of Muskegon - first woman arrested during Occupy Wall Street

Mayor Bernero's welcome

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