Draining Wall Street’s piggy banks

To me, one of the best ideas to garner increased attention through the Occupy movement has been the move your money project. What better way for the 99% of us to kick Wall Street’s ass than to transfer our collective funds deposited in big money center “piggy” banks of Wall Street to customer-friendly credit unions and local banks of Main Street. Apparently, money is the only thing those on Wall Street care about or listen to as they are too busy pigging out on excessive salaries, bonuses, shady investment packages, foreclosures, and bailouts. Quite a commentary about their moral, social, and ethical priorities.

Here’s just a few reasons listed on the website why moving your money is beneficial:

“Why You Should Move Your Money?”


Another benefit of moving your money that is not listed above is that such an action is very empowering. Talk about a way to get the attention of Wall Street, Washington, and state capitals across the nation – empowering 99% of the population. Wow!

What is also great about this form of citizen protest is you are speaking with your dollars in a peaceful and lawful manner and therefore showing your displeasure with the banksters by impacting their bottom line. Talk about a great civics lesson for all of us and future generations.

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1 Response to Draining Wall Street’s piggy banks

  1. Mick says:

    I love Family Pharmacare in West Lafayette. They’re friendly, efficient and highly capable. I do not have my prescriptions filled at FP. We travel and spend the winter in Florida so like millions of Americans who are mobile we utilize the services of a large drug store which has outlets all around the country with many that offer service 24-7.
    Ditto Fountain Trust Company, Federated Bank in Onarga, Il., Triple X on the hill and many other local businesses. But, when we’re in Florida we use Wells Fargo and we frequent Sonic. Small local hotels and B & B’s might work in select situations, but when travelingg with a beloved pet you can’t beat La Quinta for cleanliness and per-friendly accomodations.
    Of course, at a time when almost 20 million Americans are out of work or underemployed I find it prudent and practical to encourage supporting businesses that provide secure employment and benefit packages to hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans. Sadly I was raised in an era where the message was “Don;t throw the bay out with the bath water!”


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