A matter of time…the first year of Progressive Blogic

At midnight on November 1st, Progressive Blogic (PB) will celebrate its first birthday. I would like to say it has been  fun for all 365 days to date, but then I would be stretching the truth to the breaking point.

It certainly started out fun, as Molly and I celebrated every time we reached some small threshold in page views. Neither of us expected it to take off so fast nor ever exceed 100,000 page views so quickly.

As PB grew, it sometimes became a challenge to keep up with the blog. With the approach of the blog’s first anniversary, I find myself proud of what has been accomplished, but at the same time saddened that what started as a team effort, no longer is; and by the tepid to non-existent support for the blog from some surprising and unexpected sources.

Has all the work been worth the effort? Yes. Has it been worth the cost? Only time will tell on that question.

I do wish to thank anyone and everyone who has contributed, read, commented, or accidentally clicked onto Progressive Blogic during its first year of operation. I especially want to thank Molly for all her efforts through the first eight months – PB would have never been as successful as it has become without her.

Any feedback for improving the site in the future would be appreciated and I look forward to continued blogging vibe, though perhaps as a less brisk pace during year two.

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6 Responses to A matter of time…the first year of Progressive Blogic

  1. kit10phish says:

    I got the impression through this post you feel the blog is an obligation. . . You seem tired. I don’t really think it matters if it’s not a blogging team anymore–you do just fine without Molly. It seems to have dragged you down somewhat though. Maybe I’m reading into it too much. . . At any rate, I like your posts that include numbers–like the impact lawn mowing has on the environment. Best of luck!


    • Rick says:

      Thank you, Kit. It has stirred up issues that I never expected from those one would expect to be supportive. Sorry if I sounded too down, but the tiredness has been more of a result of the tangental issues and not the blog itself.


  2. Uncle Dave says:

    Keep up the good work, Rick !
    I enjoy your passions and your wisdom; keep
    writing from your heart !
    Molly is doing good; so are you !
    Warm regards,

    Uncle Dave


  3. Michael Sawyer-Todd says:



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