Will Canada leave it to the beaver?

I stumbled across a story on the internet yesterday that one member of Canada’s parliament  has proposed changing the national emblem from the beaver to the polar bear. Funny, I always thought the maple leaf was Canada’s national emblem. Learn something new everyday…
Both the beaver and the polar bear make good sense as the national emblem for Canada. One could argue the huge population beaver were instrumental in the exploration and settlement of Canada, while the today, polar bears are treasured around the world (except among seals) and are rightfully seen as under dire threat by climate change.
One could also make arguments in favor of belted kingfishers, common loons, blue jays, gray jays, salmon, Monarch butterflies, muskrats, and probably a few other animals. In the end, I guess it depends on what the country is trying to represent – its heritage, its present, or its future? Or possibly its strength, its resolve, or its dynamic nature?
This is not an easy decision when you come down to it. Opinions are likely to be all over the map.
Personally, I think Michigan is stupid to have the American Robin as its state bird. Robins can be found just about anywhere and they are boring as heck. I would prefer the Kirtland’s Warblerwhich can only be found nesting in Michigan – hence it should be Michigan’s bird. But, every time someone proposes to change the state bird, you could have though Robins had a paid political lobby with offices

Kirtland's Warbler

in downtown Lansing across the street from the capitol.

My guess is there will be wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth for a bit, but in the end, our good friends in Canada will make a careful and thoughtful decision. Perhaps they should consider the zebra mussel?   No other animal has more impact on the USA or Canada in the past 25 years, that’s for darn sure, eh?
My suggestion would be to have a national heritage emblem – the beaver; and a national emblem of hope for the future – the polar bear. Sure…I chickened out from choosing one over the other as both are very deserving. Plus, I am still in a state of utter shock about the maple leaf – guess the maple leaf lobby needs to hire a public relations professional in Ottawa. : )
Would be interested in hearing opinions on this topic, especially from Canada.
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