First snowflake bicycle commute of the season

On my bike commute to work yesterday it was chilly (mid-30s) and a mix of clouds and sun. The return trip was a ride through a winter wonderland as we had several snow squalls during the afternoon here in Mid-Michigan. It may have only totaled an inch or so of snowfall, but it came down fast and furious and completely whitened the ground with a blanket of fluffy snow.

Fortunately, the roads, sidewalks, and bike paths remained only wet and did not freeze over with ice. The only annoyance were the windblown small snow crystals/sleet that kept getting into my eyes as I was riding. At the faster riding speed they kinda stung.

While I love snow, especially between Thanksgiving and the new year, it does make it more difficult to bike commute, particularly as the snow is matted down, freezes, or turns rough and/or slushy. Either way, I hope this winter is the first time I can safely negotiate at least one bike commute in December and January. That will fulfill my goal to have ridden each month of the calendar year. Sixty-six bike commuting rides thus far in 2011 and counting….each a delight and some an adventure.

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