This ought to be interesting…

Heard on the news this evening that the Supreme Dorks have decided to hear the case challenging the legality of President Obama’s health care law. Given the Supreme Dorks can’t even figure who or what a person is, this ought to be a classic botch job by them.

Let’s see, here’s a few options for them to consider:

  • Health care reform is legal.
  • Health care reform is not legal.
  • Health reform is only legal for the rich and powerful.
  • Health care reform is a sin.
  • Health care reform is only good for those in Congress.
  • Health care reform can only be carried out correctly by corporations…I mean persons.
  • Health care reform is only legal when proposed by Republicans.
  • Insurance companies have feelings, so they are people too. Ooops – wrong case.
  • We are too stupid to decide such a complex question.
  • Helping the poor and middle class violates the constitution.
  • We know nothing, we see nothing, and we hear nothing.
  • Health is not a right, it’s a privilege (reserved just for the rich).
  • Health care reform sounds too socialistic for us.
  • The government shouldn’t be a nanny telling you what to do, unless you are a woman.
  • Health care reform is too moral and ethical to be a good law.
  • Hey, what did you expect from a bunch of dorks in robes?
  • Do we really have to make a decision, or can we just punt?
  • Health care reform is too logical, so it has to be wrong.

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3 Responses to This ought to be interesting…

  1. kit10phish says:

    Love this one. True, all (sadly) true.


  2. garrymoore says:

    hi to all problogic.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thank yous speak soon


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