This ought to be interesting…

Heard on the news this evening that the Supreme Dorks have decided to hear the case┬áchallenging the legality of President Obama’s health care law. Given the Supreme Dorks can’t even figure who or what a person is, this ought to be a classic botch job by them.

Let’s see, here’s a few options for them to consider:

  • Health care reform is legal.
  • Health care reform is not legal.
  • Health reform is only legal for the rich and powerful.
  • Health care reform is a sin.
  • Health care reform is only good for those in Congress.
  • Health care reform can only be carried out correctly by corporations…I mean persons.
  • Health care reform is only legal when proposed by Republicans.
  • Insurance companies have feelings, so they are people too. Ooops – wrong case.
  • We are too stupid to decide such a complex question.
  • Helping the poor and middle class violates the constitution.
  • We know nothing, we see nothing, and we hear nothing.
  • Health is not a right, it’s a privilege (reserved just for the rich).
  • Health care reform sounds too socialistic for us.
  • The government shouldn’t be a nanny telling you what to do, unless you are a woman.
  • Health care reform is too moral and ethical to be a good law.
  • Hey, what did you expect from a bunch of dorks in robes?
  • Do we really have to make a decision, or can we just punt?
  • Health care reform is too logical, so it has to be wrong.

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3 Responses to This ought to be interesting…

  1. kit10phish says:

    Love this one. True, all (sadly) true.


  2. garrymoore says:

    hi to all problogic.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thank yous speak soon


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