Attended a fantastic collaborative meeting of local advocacy groups this morning. During the conversation, a positive term was coined, YIMBY or Yes In My Back Yard. Given the number of links to the term on the net, apparently this was not the first time the term has been used…which is a very positive sign.

Instead of people being so negative about progress and new ideas, how about being positive…for a change? Does not matter whether it is a new bike trail behind your subdivision, a new mixed-use development, more transit or passenger rail service, or giving a wasteful four-lane road a diet into a three-lane road, there are many good ideas that deserve fair consideration and support.

It’s time to put the greater good ahead of being so damn selfish. Save your the NIMBYism for truly bad proposals, not ideas that can improve community health, increase exercise and fitness, reduce obesity, lower our carbon footprint, improve bike-ability and walkability, increase diversity, grow the economy, and enhance our sense of community pride. Be a YIMBY…being positive never felt so good.

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1 Response to Be a YIMBY!

  1. John Dowling says:

    As soon as human began to live in groups, particularly groups that were larger than the immediate families, they found that they needed to establish rules about behavior, property, the privileges of individuals and groups, and how people would survive together. When it comes to politics it is a big deal for us, because there is always conflict about it. They are always comparing their government to other government which is the reason why their is always a misunderstanding about it. Leaders are not the same, they have differences too. Nobody is perfect in this world.


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