Faith-based fear-mongering

I find those so-called Christians who constantly profess that their faith as being the world’s only correct spiritual belief system and that everyone else will be going straight to hell, to be utterly repulsive. Here’s a few questions I have for them:

  • If they believe in a loving and forgiving God, then why would they also believe that such harsh and brutal punishments will be inflicted on God’s “non-Christian” children when they die?
  • If they value life, then why do they so often support capital punishment, endless war, torture, and the proliferation of firearms?
  • If they value life so greatly, then why don’t they support adequate funding and programs to help unwed mothers, gay adoptions, government sponsored food and nutrition programs, homeless shelters, and similar activities meant to care for  the needy and helpless?
  • Why is it that one religion (whose text was written by men well after the death of Jesus) claims to have all the answers when none of us knows for sure what the real questions even are?
  • Is faith supposed to preclude logic, history, common-sense, or active/critical thinking?
  • If you support top-down leadership in church, then why not support it in government?

To me, using fear-mongering as a way to control your flock is not truly faith, but instead is a form of totalitarianism.

Each and every religion I have studied has similar aspects to its belief system. So what is it that makes some Christians think they are such a special and exclusive club? Is it money? power? attitude? ego? greed? Guess what gang? All those are sins. You might want to rethink some of those stances. Otherwise, you might be accompanying the rest of us so-called pitiful souls in the underground barbecue pit someday.

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