Release your inner socialist this holiday season

In 2010, the adults in my family began a new tradition for the holidays. Instead of buying bazillions of unnecessary goodies for each other, we decided to make a donation to a worthwhile charity in each other’s name.

We still gave gifts to the children and young adults, but otherwise a check was sent to Heifer International. I found this new format to be much more satisfying and appealing because it lessened the need to buy into the commercial and capitalistic bullcrap that surrounds the holiday season.

We are still deciding on this year’s recipient(s) – leaning toward a cycling advocacy group and a pet adoption organization, perhaps both. In the end, which ever charity we chose, it will be a far more productive and beneficial use of our money than giving into the holiday hype.

For 2011, please consider making a donation to a worthy cause instead of remaining yet another cog in the crushing wheel of runaway capitalism. By releasing the inner socialist in you, it will benefit the organization you donate to and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Isn’t giving to others the point of the holiday season in the first place?

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2 Responses to Release your inner socialist this holiday season

  1. Dakota says:

    There is nothing socialist about donating to a charity.


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