State sponsored identity theft

Okay Wisconsin. Can’t think up anything innovative about your own state, so you try to steal a part of Michigan’s identity (see weblink to USA Today). At best your state resembles a fist with the pinky finger sticking out, but it hardly resembles a mitten like Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. You folks must be overdosing on Packermania. Stick to Cheeseheads and stay out of our territory. Here’s a few alternatives to consider:

  • “Wisconsin: We’re kind of cheesy”
  • “We con and sin”
  • “Wisconsin: We only lack imagination”
  • “We’re gonna badger (annoy) you”
  • “Red and white, isn’t that Alabama, Nebraska, or Indiana?”
  • “Don’t be downwind of our cows!”
  • “Wisconsin: Where labor rights are abused”
  • “Wisconsin: We wish we were Michigan “
  • “The home of closet Viking fans”
  • “Wisconsin: Chicago’s other playground”
  • “Hey…who cut the cheese, it stinks around here?”

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