California’s very own “Girls”

If you have not heard of Girls, an indie/alternative rock band from San Francisco, you probably will very soon. Their second full-length album entitled Father, Son, Holy Ghost is excellent.

Trying to categorize this band is a little tough, because they have such an interesting range of sounds. Generally, I would be tempted to call them “modern 70’s retro.” I can hear bits of the Moody Blues; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; the Kinks; the Beach Boys; and many other classic rock sounds  percolating throughout the new album.

Below is a list of my favorite tracks from the new album:

“Forgiveness” – an introspective opus with a stellar guitar and drum crescendo at the conclusion of the tune.

“Saying I Love You”

“Vomit” – check out the fantastic video (see below).

“My Ma”


“Jamie Marie”

“Love Life” (bonus track)

Give Father, Son, Holy Ghost a whirl. I think you are gonna really like listening to this new recording from California’s very own Girls.

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  1. good idea im gonna try it


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