Delay Trees – Nearly perfect from start to Finnish

For the first time since I have had an iTunes account (perhaps five years), I have listened to a new album that I bought and rated every single song with five stars – I would have given them six or more, if that were possible. The self-titled, debut, full-length album by Finland’s Delay Trees is simply magical. Filled with an amazing mix of shoegaze/dream rock, alternative, and indie, I find it hard to come up with sufficient adjectives to describe how good this album is. It’s easily one of the best releases of 2011 in the United States – I will have to update my best of 2011 post from a couple of weeks ago.

Delay Trees will often remind you of Death Cab for Cutie, particularly in Rami Vierula’s spellbinding vocals. His voice is so similar to Ben Gibbard that you could swear they were one in the same at times. The band consists of the four members listed below who are from the southern Finland cities of Helsinki and Hameenlinna.

Rami Vierula – Vocals, Guitars
Lauri Järvinen – Backing vocals, Guitars, Synth, Glockenspiel
Sami Korhonen – Bass, Synth
Onni Oikari – Drums, Percussion

All ten songs are spot on perfect. The only small quibble I have is the transition between songs could be a bit smoother at some points. It is nearly impossible to pick favorite tracks from an album where every song is perfect, but I must say the song entitled, “In February” is one of the most beautiful alternative/indie rock songs I have ever heard.

Letting the day in, hearing the sirens
You smile at me, I try to respond but you’ve already gone away
Oh how happy you are, I’m barely hanging in here

Waking through layers – echoes and whispers
You move something deep in me that is far beyond my reach
Oh how happy you are, I’m barely hanging in here

Oh how happy you are
Cast your light upon me
Oh how happy you are
Like a black hole I suck it all in

Here’s a live performance of “In February” from YouTube.

Kudos to Delay Trees for an exquisite album. I am looking forward to great things from the band and can’t wait to see them when they tour the United States – hopefully very soon.

Below is a list of the ten stellar tracks, each one magical in its own way:

  • “Gold”
  • “Cassette 2012”
  • “About Brothers”
  • “Pattern”
  • “In February”
  • “Quarantine”
  • “Light Pollution”
  • “Tarantula/Holding On”
  • “Whales & Colors”
  • “4:45 a.m.

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  1. good idea im gonna try it


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