Is make-believe getting out of hand?

One of my pet peeves is when a business or organization decides to name itself in a completely fanciful and illogical way that makes absolutely no geographical or topical sense for its location. Here are two examples, one from where I now reside (Greater Lansing) and one from my hometown of Indianapolis.

  • The former Holiday Inn South here in Lansing is now called the Causeway Bay Hotel. Are you kidding me? Is there even a single causeway in the entire State of Michigan? Plus, it is at least 75 miles to the nearest bay. Sure, they might be trying to attract people to their indoor facilities for weekend visits, but c’mon…Causeway Bay?
  • The second example is also a former Holiday Inn that now calls itself the Caribbean Cove Hotel.  In Indianapolis? Caribbean? Right… perhaps the Colts should changed their name to the Coral Reefs?  Yes, the hotel  does have an indoor water park. Please note that I am not bothered by naming the water park Caribbean Cove, because that has some correlation to water activities and sports. But the entire hotel? Really? Someone, somewhere couldn’t have come up with a hotel name that fits Indiana better than that?

Maybe I am being a bit picky, but this kind of fake reality stuff seems shallow or like a stupid marketing ploy that got out of hand. Other successful resort-style hotels generally use place appropriate names, such as the Great Wolf Lodge resorts. But alas, I am not so sure if any wolves ever wandered the landscapes of Texas or North Carolina (now sites of two Great Wolf Lodges).

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